Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My first cheat...but a worthwhile cause.

I knew this day would come.  The day I would finally cheat and have too many carbs in one sitting. Why was I so confident in my own demise???  Mainly because we bought tickets for it weeks ago. Of course it was Valentine's Day and the "24/7" (college age interns) group at our church put on a Cajun Dinner Theater to raise money for a missions trip.  So I ate some Cajun carbs, but for a good cause.  We followed that up with our traditional dinner at our favorite restaurant, Taj India...No, not on the same night silly, then I would have gluttony on my conscience and not just carbohydratony. No Valentine's is complete without Indian food.  Its a law I think.

So, back on the wagon again this week.  Its actually ok to have a break weekend, as the TNT plan I am following incorporates one or two days off per week once you reach the weightloss goal.  So I don't feel too bad, provided I keep from getting sucked into the carb vortex that always opens when I have a day of high carb intake.  But I feel good this morning and am ready to forge ahead!

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